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Removing Pollen Stains From Your Carpet in London

As the sun makes more of an appearance, we want to get into the summer spirit and start decorating our home with beautiful fresh flowers. These are great for creating a lovely summery atmosphere in your house, particularly if you have guests coming round.

But one thing that you may not consider when you’re getting carried away with the fresh flowers is the stains that can be caused by flower pollen.

For something so delicate, it’s amazing what a strong stain flower pollen can leave on your carpet. With flowers such as lilies, you will notice that an orange/yellow stain will be left on the carpet by the pollen of the flowers and this can prove a little difficult to get out.

If you do find pollen stains on your carpet, then you should never rub the stain or add water to it because this can cause the stain to spread and become even more difficult to remove.

A good way of removing the pollen that hasn’t sunk into the carpet pile is with sticky tape. Using sticky tape, you can usually pick up a lot of the excess pollen to prevent the stain from becoming worse.

But after that, you may find that you will have to call in a professional cleaning company in London to carry out the rest of the carpet cleaning for you. These specialised carpet cleaners will have the right tools and products to be able to tackle a tough pollen stain and leave you with a clean carpet and no more unsightly orange patches.


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