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Carpet Cleaners Can Help Remove Stubborn Ice Cream Stains

Carpet Cleaning Services in London

If you’re a parent with young children you will be all too familiar with the difficulty of removing ice cream stains from your carpet.  If your child has just had a birthday and you’ve thrown a party, your carpet could resemble a piece of modern art, with splotches, streaks and splatters of food, drink and ice cream covering every inch.

These days, with carpet cleaning companies dotted all across London, you won’t have to worry about going on your hands and knees, and scrubbing vigorously at those stubborn stains.

The following is a rundown of what is involved in a carpet cleaning service in London:

Removing the residue:  Professional carpet cleaners use specialist equipment to remove the last physical remnants of ice cream that have dropped onto your carpet before working on the stains.

Tackling the stains:  Once the majority of the residue is removed, the carpet cleaners can use a mild detergent that penetrates deep into the carpet fibres and lift the remaining stains.

Scrubbing and hosing: The final step involves a carpet scrubber and a flat-nozzle hose. After using the detergent, the carpet cleaners will scrub at the area to get the formula going. Scrubbers are the preferred tool, as opposed to brushes, because they do not damage the fibres.  The hose is then used to suck up all the dirt from the carpet.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners in London is recommended by carpet experts.  They are fully trained and have a lot of experience behind them.  They also know how to treat all kinds of carpet materials, ensuring that your carpet is in safe hands.

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